• Image of In a holy city on top of a high hill

The girl in our story is called Malkah which refers to the moon the reflected light of Malkhut. She represents the Shechinah, or the feminine presence of God in the world and how, in Judaism, the feminine side of our narrative is so often hidden away. The adventure of which this drawing is just the beginning is one of how the Shechinah is freed from her tower.

Malkah is not in a prison but trapped in a magical library where she discovers the holy Hebrew letters and the mystery that in some ways the world is made from words and stories. By asking questions which open doors Malkah journeys deep into the world of words. The city itself is also made from letters and behind every window is a story.

The cat represents the ink, which can become any letter in any language and accompanies Malkah on her adventure into letters and eventually out of the library into the world.

Fine art print on cotton rag paper
approx: 10" x 13"